HOT EARTH True Vanilla

The fragrance of vanilla is particularly popular among young people. However, the delicacy of vanilla aroma also has additional positive effects on the body and mind. Discover them here!

True Vanilla

Many are familiar with the taste and scent of vanilla from the synthetic variant, vanillin. This is derived from lignin, a wood substance, and has a one-dimensional taste. True vanilla originates from Mexico and became known to us only in modern times – becoming an absolute spice sensation. Vanilla is a climbing and creeping plant that can reach up to 10 meters in height. It belongs to the orchid family. Its flowers are not as impressive as those of the classic orchids we know, but vanilla bears precious elongated fruit. The pods ripen over a period of six months. After being harvested in their yellow state, vanilla undergoes fermentation. The color of the vanilla pods turns black, and many flavors develop. The precious natural vanillin, which makes up about 4% of vanilla, is significant. Today, vanilla is cultivated not only in Mexico but also in Madagascar. Uganda and Java are also important producers.

The Effects

With its lightness, true vanilla can have a mood-enhancing and emotionally attractive effect. According to Petra Kühne, it also has a positive impact on creativity and is used in spice medicine to strengthen the immune system and combat fungal infections. Vanilla requires light, air, and height, and its application imparts precisely these effects.

Vanilla in the Kitchen

Vanilla is highly versatile in sweet dishes. Whether in baked goods, confections, puddings, or dairy dishes – vanilla warms and imparts lightness from within. We particularly enjoy vanilla in Christmas baking. But vanilla also pairs excellently with liqueurs and fruit. Additionally, we recommend combining vanilla with cinnamon or using it in coffee and cocoa – or even in Golden Chai.

The aroma of true vanilla is simply unbeatable. A soothing spice that complements any dessert!


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