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Chai tea - extraordinary tea with unique spices

You have certainly heard of chai tea, perhaps you have even drunk it before. When we talk about chai, the term chai tea is actually a double entendre. Chai comes from cha, which simply means tea. So when we say chaitee, it actually means tea tea tea. But let's not quibble over words. Let's focus on what kind of tea Chai tea is. Chai is black tea that is blended with numerous spices such as cloves, cardamom, fennel, cinnamon, black pepper and ginger. These spice mixtures can vary, so that when you buy chai tea, you will always find a slightly different taste.

Indian tea - from organic chai to chai latte tea

The typical spice tea is an Indian Chai. The reason for this is that spices were first added to black tea from Assam. In our shop you will find numerous Chai tea varieties. From organic chai to chai latte tea to yogi tea chai, there is something that you are sure to enjoy. Maybe Chai tea will even become your favourite tea? In the past, tea was reserved for the upper classes, but chai tea was different. It was mainly drunk by the working population and even replaced meals. So if you're feeling peckish, a cup of chai might do the trick.

Chai Latte Tea - the spiced tea with milk

When it comes to chai latte tea, this is a spiced tea with milk - the word latte means nothing other than milk. Get the Indian chai for in between, for special occasions or for every day, just as you like. Find a large selection of chai teas in the HOT EARTH online shop and let the unique taste convince you.