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    - Without calories
    - Tooth friendly
    - Sweetening power 1:1 like sugar


    The sweetening power of Erythritol Stevia Blend is 1:1 the sweetness of sugar, with zero calories. It has no bitter aftertaste like stevia and is a tooth and diabetic friendly sweetener.

    Erythritol is a sugar alcohol found in small amounts in many fruits and vegetables.
    Organic maize starch is used in its production, which is broken down into glucose by hydrolysis. Erythritol is produced through fermentation with the help of natural yeast cultures.
    Unlike sugar and other sugar substitutes, erythritol is completely calorie-free and has 0% sugar.
    The carbohydrates contained in erythritol are metabolised as polyhydric alcohols independently of insulin, are not digested in the intestines and are therefore excreted unchanged. Erythritol has a glycaemic index of 0, so it does not affect blood sugar levels.
    This property makes erythritol interesting for diabetics. But also for those who suffer from fructose intolerance and cannot tolerate xylitol, the sugar substitute erythritol is optimal.

    The recommended maximum daily amount is 2 g / kg.

    Ingredients: Erythritol (E968), Stevia

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