Quality. Transparency. Fairness.

HOT EARTH stands for excellent quality. Each creation has been developed with love, care and expertise and will bring joy and spice to your kitchen and barbecue.

To make cooking more important again, Hot Earth has come up with something special, especially with its chai teas and spice blends. Not only are our products made with care and love, they are also free of any flavour enhancers, artificial flavours, colourings and preservatives. Additives are left out in accordance with ZZulV. Our company stands for full transparency: all components and ingredients are fully declared. Animal testing is not an option for us, which is why PETA has included us in the list of companies that don’t test on animals.

In 2021 we made it: All our products can now officially call themselves BIO and we are mighty proud of that. In plain language, this means that the seal ensures that all the raw materials we use come from controlled organic cultivation and that we do not use genetic engineering or synthetic pesticides. It also ensures that everyone who comes into contact with the goods must be certified organic! We know our partners and work trustfully hand in hand.

HOT EARTH builds on sustainability, which is why we use recyclable tins especially for our spice blends, which are in harmony with environmental protection and offer perfect protection for our culinary treasures.

For us, cooking means taking time out, inviting friends over, taking time out from everyday life and, above all, feeling the joy of life when eating.

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