HOT EARTH Cardamom

Cardamom with its beautiful flowers is not only pretty to look at - its effect and versatility in the kitchen make it a popular spice. You can read about how cardamom is used and what it does in this article.


Small seeds for a great aroma

Cardamom, like ginger or turmeric, belongs to the ginger family. Cardamom grows on the cardamom plant, which thrives in tropical rainforests and grows up to 3 meters high. Cardamom is common in India, China and also Arabia. High quality cardamom from the Malabar coast in India is particularly popular. The reed-like shape with the beautiful flowers is not only an aesthetic eye-catcher. The fruit bowl already contains a little aroma, but the green or white seeds that are in it are particularly popular. 15 to 20 pieces of these grains are in the cardamom fruit.


According to Dr. Bharat B. Aggarwal especially attributed to digestion. Cardamom has a digestive and gastric effect. The appetite is stimulated and even the breath can be refreshed when chewing seeds. The fiery effect and the inner light as well as the warmth of the ginger family, which ripen in the sun, stimulates metabolic processes and makes you more aware. This affects the personality equally. Petra Kühne speaks of this awareness gained. With cardamom, you perceive yourself better as a living being and take life more easily. Cardamom is also said to be relaxing in this context and is therefore very popular with menstrual cramps. Cardamom reduces Vata, Pitta and Kapha equally.

Cardamom in the kitchen

We also find cardamom in the kitchen. It is particularly popular in baked goods, mulled wine or in classic Christmas cookies. The warming effect in the cold season has already been recognized very well. Petra Kühne also points out that cardamom can also be a component of curry, bread and even confectionery and liqueur. A pinch of cardamom is added to coffee powder in Arabia and black tea in African countries. This should increase the digestibility.

A pleasantly warm and awareness-enhancing spice: cardamom is versatile, stimulating and has positive effects on the perception and the body - many good reasons to use cardamom regularly throughout the year!


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