HOT EARTH Cardamom

Cardamom, with its exquisite blooms, is not just a visual delight – its versatile culinary applications and soothing effects make it a beloved spice. HOT EARTH offers premium spice blends and chai teas enriched with organic cardamom, perfect for your kitchen. Discover more about the diverse uses and impressive benefits of cardamom.

Small Seeds, Big Flavor

Like ginger or turmeric, cardamom belongs to the ginger family. The cardamom plant thrives in tropical rainforests and can grow up to 3 meters tall. It's found in India, China, and Arabia, with the Malabar Coast in India being renowned for producing high-quality cardamom – a specialty of HOT EARTH. The reed-like pod with its captivating blooms is not just aesthetically pleasing. While the fruit husk carries some aroma, it's the green or white seeds nestled within that are particularly sought after. Each cardamom pod contains 15 to 20 of these seeds.

The Power of Cardamom

According to Dr. Bharat B. Aggarwal, cardamom's unique power lies in its digestive benefits. It supports digestion and strengthens the stomach. It stimulates the appetite and even refreshes the breath when the seeds are chewed. The fiery nature and inner light, as well as the warmth of these ginger family members maturing under the sun, promote metabolic processes and heighten awareness. This positively impacts one's personality. Petra Kühne emphasizes this heightened mindfulness. With cardamom, one becomes more attuned to their vibrant essence and takes life more lightly. Cardamom is also believed to have an antispasmodic effect, making it a popular choice for menstrual discomfort. Cardamom equally balances Vata, Pitta, and Kapha.

Cardamom in the Kitchen

Cardamom has also found its place in our kitchens. It is a cherished ingredient in HOT EARTH's spice blends and chai teas, renowned for their rich organic cardamom flavor. It's also valued in baked goods, mulled wine, or classic holiday treats. Its warming effect during the cold season has been well recognized. Petra Kühne also notes that cardamom can be an ingredient in curries, bread, confections, and even liqueurs. In Arabia, a pinch of cardamom is added to coffee grounds, and in African countries, it enhances black tea. This is said to enhance its digestibility.

A cozy and consciousness-enhancing spice: Cardamom is versatile, invigorating, and has positive effects on perception and the body – many compelling reasons to regularly include cardamom in your culinary journey!


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