Moon Chai | organic | HOT EARTH
  • Moon Chai | organic | HOT EARTH
  • Moon Chai | organic | HOT EARTH
  • Moon Chai | organic | HOT EARTH

Moon Chai | organic | HOT EARTH

€ 14.02
€ 11.68 / 100g


Immerse yourself in the velvety embrace of Moon Chai and let yourself be lovingly lulled to sleep. The delicate combination of lavender, passion flower and lemon balm will enchant you. Your new companion for a restful night's sleep.

Moon Chai | organic | HOT EARTH

Moon Chai | organic | HOT EARTH

€ 14.02
€ 11.68 / 100g
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Savor Tranquil Evenings with “Moon Chai” by HOT EARTH

Experience moments of relaxation and well-being with our unique “Moon Chai.” This soothing herbal tea specialty has been carefully crafted to provide you with a rejuvenating evening respite. Immerse yourself in the world of herbs and blossoms and enjoy the gentle aromas.

Relaxation in Every Cup

“Moon Chai” is a harmonious blend of exquisite ingredients such as lemon balm, lavender flowers, passionflower, lemon verbena, hawthorn, rose petals, hops, and valerian. Each cup of this delicious chai tea is an invitation to tranquility and serenity. The selected herbs and blossoms unleash their natural effects, offering you a moment of relaxation at the end of an eventful day.

Pleasure without Claims

Our “Moon Chai” has been created with care and passion to provide you with a pleasant evening indulgence. The natural flavors and substances of the included herbs may have a relaxing effect, but we do not claim that this tea possesses specific medical properties or will help you fall asleep. Each individual responds differently to herbal teas, and the effects can vary individually.

Immerse yourself in the world of “Moon Chai” by HOT EARTH and treat yourself to a soothing evening retreat. Discover the gentle power of herbs and blossoms and find relaxation in every sip.

Organic Spice Blends | Moon Chai by HOT EARTH | Relaxation and Pleasure in the Evening

Hot Earth Bio

Discover the Delicious Organic Masala Chai by HOT EARTH

Experience the enticing world of Organic Masala Chai, an originally Indian black tea infused with a harmonious blend of spices. HOT EARTH brings you a variety of flavors right into your cup. Enjoy this unique tea that combines history, taste, and tradition.

Diversity in Every Cup

Our Organic Masala Chai, also known as spiced tea, blends high-quality black tea with a mixture of ginger, Ceylon cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, fennel, anise, star anise, and pepper. These carefully selected ingredients offer a distinctive taste symphony that you'll love. We offer you organic quality – all components are sourced from organic farming. The Organic Masala Chai can become your daily delight that you won't want to miss.

History and Tradition

With a fascinating history, Masala Chai has become the tea of the people. Once reserved for the wealthy, its spice blend turned it into a beverage for everyone. This traditional delight from India has made its way around the world and is highly popular. Treat yourself to our Organic Masala Chai on any occasion and discover the rich tradition behind this exceptional drink.

Immerse yourself in the world of the delicious Organic Masala Chai by HOT EARTH and savor the unique taste of India's famous spice blend. Become part of our community that shares the fascination of tea and spices.

ORGANIC Spice Blends | Organic Masala Chai by HOT EARTH | Taste and Tradition in Every Sip

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Lemon balm* 8%, lavender flowers* 6%, passion flower* 6%, lemon verbena*, hawthorn*, rose petals*, copses*, valerian*, cardamom*, Ceylon cinnamon*, fennel*, anise*, cloves*, ashwagandha*, cocoa* 12%, cocoa shells*, orange peels*,

Cocoa: 12% minimum

*from controlled organic cultivation

Nutritional values per 100g / 100 g

Energy 918 kJ | 219 kcal
Protein 8,6 g
Carbohydrates 29,7 g
   of which sugars 19,7 g
Fat 4,6 g
   of which saturated 1,2 g
Salt 0 g


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