HOT EARTH Nutmeg Muskatnuss

Used correctly, nutmeg has positive harmonizing effects, which makes it very popular as a spice. You can find out how nutmeg works and how best to use it here!

Popular spice

The spice has been in great demand for many centuries and was already known in ancient Egypt. The seed coat that surrounds the nutmeg is stripped off after the harvest and the nutmeg is dried and ground. Nutmeg grows on the nutmeg tree, which grows up to 20 meters high. Today nutmeg cultures are not only found in India and the West Indies, but also in Brazil.


The nutmeg can trigger a high-like state, with the correct dosage playing an important role, since five nutmegs can be fatal. In spice mills, the intoxicating effect of nutmeg grinding is known. The intoxication is accompanied by severe nausea and therefore protects against any addiction. According to Dr. Bharat B. Aggarwal is digestive and detoxifying and is considered beneficial for liver diseases and rheumatic diseases. Nutmeg can also work on skin problems and harmonize overall. As a seed, nutmeg has a stronger effect and supports assertiveness. Hildegard von Bingen also speaks of a dampening of the bitterness of the heart through the effect of nutmeg. Petra Kühne refers to the mental alertness that comes with the nutmeg.


Nutmeg in the kitchen

Nutmeg is known to be used in soups, sauces, as well as cheese, dough and vegetable dishes. The nutty and woody taste gives dishes a special aroma. The mace is a little more aromatic and is recommended by Petra Kühne for baked goods, compote and curd cheese.


The nutmeg is a strong aromatic spice that not only gives dishes a special kick. The effect of nutmeg should not be underestimated and correct dosing has top priority. Only in this way can the positive effects of the wonderful nutmeg work optimally - on the body as well as on the mind.


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