Bio Protein Powder – More Than Just for Muscles

When we talk about protein powder, many of us first think of bodybuilders. But that's outdated thinking. Because bio protein powder isn't just for building muscles, it's also for balanced nutrition and can even help with weight loss. Did you know that taking bio protein powder before meals can help you feel full faster? So, it can also support your weight loss journey. No matter if you're actively into sports – and by that, we don't just mean bodybuilding and the gym – your body needs more protein during workouts. This is where bio protein powder comes into play to effectively meet this demand.

Bio Protein Powder as Support

Your body continuously produces proteins, which consist of various amino acids. When you put in physical effort, like during sports, these amino acids are used up and proteins are broken down. It takes a while for your body to replenish this deficiency. This is where bio protein powder can help by quickly supplying your body with the necessary proteins. This promotes recovery and muscle growth. Our bio protein powder is particularly efficient and enriched with a delicious, spicy chocolate flavor. Thanks to a variety of spices, it not only tastes great but is also optimally absorbed by your body.

Bio Protein Powder – High-Quality Ingredients

Our vegan bio protein powder contains four high-quality protein sources: pumpkin seed, rice, hemp, and pea proteins. Additionally, it includes raw cocoa, ashwagandha, and genuine spices. To prepare, mix 30 grams of bio protein powder with 250 milliliters of grain milk. The HOT EARTH bio protein powder is of high quality and free from added sugar. A healthy and tasty addition to your nutrition plan.

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HOT EARTH Vegan Protein, Raw Cacao | organic | HOT EARTH
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Vegan Protein, Raw Cacao | organic | HOT EARTH


  • Vegan premium protein powder made from 4 valuable organic plant seeds
  • Vegetable proteins from brown rice, peas, pumpkin seeds and hemp seeds
  • Specially blended for an optimised ratio of essential amino acids
  • With fine cocoa from Ecuador (Arriba Nacional), cardamom, vanilla and Ceylon cinnamon
  • No added sugar or sweeteners
  • Taste: full-bodied, chocolaty, slightly spicy


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