Organic protein powder - not only for musclemen

When protein powder or protein powder is mentioned, many people first think of bodybuilders. But this cliché is old-fashioned and long outdated. Because even if protein powder is used to build muscle, it also serves to support a balanced diet and, last but not least, to help reduce body weight. If you eat organic protein powder before the actual meal, you will feel fuller more quickly. So organic protein powder can also help you lose weight. Anyone who is active in sports - and this doesn't just mean bodybuilding and the gym - consumes a lot of protein during training. Organic protein powder is a good and proven way to compensate for this.

Organic protein powder as a support

Our body constantly produces proteins itself, which consist of numerous building blocks and above all amino acids. If we exert ourselves physically, for example when doing sports, our body uses up these amino acids. Consequently, proteins are broken down. It takes some time to make up for this deficiency. However, we can bridge this time with organic protein powder and supply the body with the missing proteins more quickly. This is particularly beneficial for regeneration and the formation of muscles. In this case, our organic protein powder, which has a delicious and spicy chocolate flavour, can have a direct effect. Thanks to numerous spices, the organic protein powder not only tastes very delicious, the proteins can also be ideally digested by our body.

Organic protein powder - high-quality ingredients

We offer four valuable types of protein in our vegan organic protein powder with pumpkin seed, rice, hemp and peas. Other ingredients include raw cacao, ashwagandha, inulin, cardamom, Ceylon cinnamon, coriander, aniseed, bay leaf, pepper, ginger, turmeric, cloves and vanilla. To prepare, add 30 grams of organic protein powder to 250 millilitres of cereal milk. The organic protein powder from HOT EARTH is high-quality and sugar-free. A healthy and complementary treat to your diet plan.

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Vegan Protein, Raw Cacao | organic | HOT EARTH


  • Vegan premium protein powder made from 4 valuable organic plant seeds
  • Vegetable proteins from brown rice, peas, pumpkin seeds and hemp seeds
  • Specially blended for an optimised ratio of essential amino acids
  • With fine cocoa from Ecuador (Arriba Nacional), cardamom, vanilla and Ceylon cinnamon
  • No added sugar or sweeteners
  • Taste: full-bodied, chocolaty, slightly spicy


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