Buy organic spices - best taste for your dishes

Do you like to spoil yourself, your family and occasionally your friends with home-cooked dishes? Then you know that spices are essential to give your food the right zing. Our organic spices are ideally suited for refining your dishes. But what is the difference between organic and non-organic spices? Well, while conventional spices and spice mixtures only have to contain up to 60 % spices, organic spice mixtures have a spice content of 100 %. So you can buy organic spices of the best quality from us.

Organic spice mixes - how to refine your dishes

Many dishes only become perfect with the right spices. We at HOT EARTH have decided to offer only organic spices in order to provide you with the best possible quality and the ideal taste experience. No matter what you are cooking, we have the right organic spice blend for you. If you like to cook Indian food, our curry spice will convince you. As soon as tomatoes are involved, Pomodoro is a must. You like to eat porridge for breakfast - season with our porridge spice blend, you will love it! Of course, we also have a refined organic spice for your salad, as well as for seasoning potatoes, rice and eggs. If avocados are often on your menu, you should try our organic spice avocado topping. Are you a mushroom fan? Then Mushroom Power is the organic spice you've been looking for. And last but not least, we have a bread spice on offer that is suitable for all bread lovers who like to bake bread themselves.

Chai spices - make your own spiced tea<

Do you like to drink tea? Then you certainly know Chai. The black tea that becomes what it is through its extraordinary spices. You can get ready-made chai from us. As you can see, you should not be without these organic spices. You can buy organic spices right here in our HOT EARTH online shop.

Organic spice blends in best quality from HOT EARTH

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Pomodoro, tomato spices | organic | spice blend | HOT EARTH


This blend brings the magic of Tuscany into your kitchen. The harmonious interplay of ingredients gives your pasta a unique flavour, without onions and garlic.


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