Sweeten naturally with organic coconut blossom sugar and birch sugar

Sweeten without a guilty conscience: Discover our selection of organic sweeteners. Whether you prefer coconut blossom sugar or birch sugar, our natural alternatives add a pleasant sweetness to your food and drinks

Coconut blossom sugar - exotic sweetness from the coconut palm

Experience the sweet variety of organic coconut blossom sugar. Obtained from coconut blossom nectar, it convinces with its caramel taste. Perfect for baking and refining your favourite dishes.

Birch sugar - a low-calorie sugar alternative

Enjoy the natural sweetness of organic birch sugar. This sugar substitute has fewer calories than regular sugar and is great for drinks and desserts

Discover the gentle sweetness of nature at HOT EARTH. Order your organic sweeteners now for a conscious diet.

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HOT EARTH Birch sugar (xylitol) from Finland | HOT EARTH
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Birch sugar (xylitol) from Finland | HOT EARTH

- 40 % fewer calories than sugar
- Low glycaemic index of approx. 10
- 100% natural birch sugar from Finland
- no genetic engineering: produced from hardwoods and not from corn starch
- Positive influence on dental health
- Can be used 1:1 like sugar


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